The challenges of Covid-19 plagued global enterprises around the world last year, and they continue to do so in 2021. Although few firm strategic choices were put on pause for a time, businesses soon responded with increased investment in digital transformation. The demand for them to be more customer-centric and agile expanded even more this year, and covid-19 functioned as a catalyst for new creative technology adoption. The requirement for innovative, flexible, nimble, and efficient solutions was a common theme over almost every post-COVID-19 implementation plan for Multinational Businesses.

Because start-ups meet all of these qualities, they have become attractive partners for technology behemoths. Many tech companies are attempting to explore open innovation with start-ups through structured programs. SAP has already established a global standard for startup-driven innovation, investing directly in several early-stage enterprise software startups in areas that are strategically important to them through the SAP.iO Fund (an early-stage venture arm of SAP). SAP.iO works with startups on everything from acceleration to collaborations to investments and acquisitions.

SAP.iO, How can it contribute to the development of the startup automotive industries?

Startup automotive industries are trying to come out with brilliant strategic plans with their structured programs. Being a globally established well-known software platform SAP has proved its innovativeness and has set a global dynamic standard in the technology-driven industrial world. SAP.iO has been constantly helping automotive industrial startups and thus has resulted in an acceleration of 18 cohorts of startups with every passing year. There has been an induced total of counting to nearly 280 startups since the year 2017. 

SAP customers have been vigorously adapting themselves to the changing dynamics of the market industry and automotive industries have shown them incomparable commitment towards the evolving SAP.iO Foundry. SAP.iO remains committed to the SAP.iO No Boundaries to provide a secured and healthy ecosystem comprising of a wide diversity of backgrounds.

The SAP.iO takes a global approach towards the growing needs for the innovation of the automotive startup industries using technologies that comprise artificial intelligence (AI), robotic fabrication, 3D printing, analytics, and ultrasonic advantages to drive the new upcoming startups to showcase their business insights and efficient capabilities. The SAP.iO innovation model tries to enable and grant access to startups thus by providing curated guidance from SAP executives, giving a complete exposure to SAP technologies, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Few automotive startups or SAP.iO startups that have gained huge profits and accelerated their business by incorporating SAP.iO services are Acerta, Adacotech Incorporated, Adloid, Arculus, Augmania, AVRL, Botsync, Centrifuge, ClearMetal, Cogniac Corporation, Circular IQ, Dotaki, Idiomatic, and many more. The list is countless and many more startups are now being enthusiastic to incline themselves towards undertaking the benefits of SAP.iO. 

The Global Pandemic which had a devastating impact on the industries couldn’t adversely affect the automotive startups who have integrated themselves into the services of SAP.iO. Automotive startups that have incorporated SAP.iO’s strategic business units have experienced accelerated growth of 36% in the year 2020 throughout their global network. SAP.iO startups have enrolled themselves in the engaging integrated services of SAP Solutions. These startups have come across a huge proportion of clients and offered them SAP.iO services. This has contributed to extended trust and satisfactory results encouraging clients to be more inclined towards SAP.iO services.

Automotive startups are now having a strong proclivity to the integrated programming of SAP.iO. Over 80 startups have acquired the relevant solutions of SAP providing a safe ecosystem and also at the same time providing relevant solutions to their clients. The SAP.iO startups give their prime focus on manufacturing, supply chain management, handling logistics, and go through the entire process of optimization. This initiative makes these automotive industrial startups extend their help to SAP’s customers to engage themselves in providing valuable investment in SAP S/4HANA and also the dynamic Supply Chain Management.

Automotive startups now have an induced advantage with the help of SAP.iO enabling them to handle high-profile challenges which include the broad categories of customer experience, personalization, automation of sales, data-driven insights, and the desegregated planning of demand and supply chain. The complete implementation of the SAP.iO open innovation model will strategically aim at improving the workforce thus by developing, providing management, increased encouragement and engagement, and also empowering employees.

With the growing rate of Covid-19, nearly 90 automotive startups have been successful in providing discounted solutions and methodical development of strategies which have been greatly appreciated by clients universally with the help of SAP.iO. Startups have incorporated programming techniques and models such as AI spread modelling symptom-tracking solutions, people-tracking systems, and last but not least chatbots for diagnoses. The growing demand for SAP Internal Order in automotive industries is primarily because of the core underlying services such as Remote Care, Apps that help in managing the flow of customers, etc. have been highly demanded especially with the sudden outbreak of the global pandemic.

SAP with the collaborated efforts to make a huge impact on the industrial market with the help of SAP.iO and SAP Industry Packages is now being able to provide leadership guidance to startups. The automotive industrial startups with the help of SAP.iO services have been making record increased rates of success and have been providing clients with top-end solutions. In the year 2021 SAP.iO has launched 8 new accelerator programs for startup enterprises to lay their prime focus on trying to develop software for B2B enterprises. The themes which have been recently incorporated under SAP.iO are Future of Work, Management of Sustainability, Social Impact, Introduction of 5G Technology and Services, Intelligent Enterprises, and lastly to provide Experienced Management.

What Does The SAP.iO Foundry Comprise Of That Can Help The Automotive Industrial Startups?

There are certain critical components that SAP.iO Foundry provides which are of great importance for Automotive Industrial Startups. Cogniac which is an enterprise platform that helps in utilizing AI enables human-computer interaction tools, and also helps in the management of large-scale data for easy automation that guides the visual inspection tasks. Hero is an online shopping platform enabling retailers to get connected to hundreds to millions of customers with the help of chats, video meetings, and texts. Ivaldi helps in providing companies with cost-effective and sustainable digital distribution solutions for the identification, qualification, and also distribution of digital spare parts which are highly demanded in production. LISNR uses ultrasonic data rather than the age-old sound technology giving them the ability to ensure verification and contactless transaction for merchants, financial service providers, automotive industries, etc. Rheaply provides top-class management assets and also provides for an exchange platform to guide customers to visualize, quantify and also use their physical assets. The last component is the Wise System System, which is AI-driven software that guides automotive startups to adapt themselves to the day-to-day challenges and improve their efficiency in providing the best customer service.

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