The difference between digital leaders and laggards lies in a coherent, convincing, and truly personalized customer experience. Digitizing marketing, sales, commerce, and service has led to dramatic changes in the marketplace. Today, companies can no longer rely on a “one size fits all” approach to reach their target audiences, convince them, and win them over. Because of this, the traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process is also evolving. So how does a company become customer-centric?

84% of businesses that have improved their Customer Experience have seen an increase in revenue and brand loyalty. Your customer experience strategy needs expertise in digital strategy, data analytics, experience design, and platform implementation. By combining the latest machine learning trends, you can create real-time engagement with every single customer. SAP C/4HANA facilitates the integration of all of your customer-facing processes. This new suite of solutions combines former commerce-focused SAP Hybris products with marketing, sales, and customer service software as well as a foundation that aligns your customer data for business regulations. 

Transform your business from the inside out. 

Benefits of SAP CRM Software on customer experience:

SAP’s customer experience solutions can help you retain your existing customers and increase your revenue by attracting and improvising customer engagement.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Exclusive access to the customer database
  • Excellent Customer Loyalty Program offerings
  • Accessing easy-to-understand and use of Customer Relationship Management tools
  • Helps your teams understand customer experience management strategy and tools
  • A plan to have a Customer-Centric strategy/CXM (Customer Experience Management) 
  • Improved CXM migration from CRM Customer database

5 Ways SAP C/4 HANA and CRM Solutions enhance customer experience?

1. Exclusive e-Commerce solutions

With a single commerce solution, you can support all go-to-market models in your business with the advantage of performing industry-specific capabilities. Fast ROI with pre-built integrations can only be achieved when businesses are flexible enough to surpass expectations and to discover opportunities to deliver by combining online and offline customer data. With unlimited access to e-commerce tools, you can grow your business without limits, build what you need quickly, simplify buying processes, and turn e-commerce customers into brand advocates. With faster commerce deployment, you’re likely to experience the benefits of a mobile-first, next-gen e-commerce design for your midsize retail, consumer goods, and direct-to-consumer businesses.

2. Access to Customer data solutions 

With the help of a dynamic customer data platform (CDP), you can build hyper-personalized experiences by analyzing who your customers are. With good B2B value networks, you can increase sales and reduce risk. Customer engagement, customer identity, and management of customer data access should be frictionless. Honouring the true purpose of customer data throughout your organisation and different teams you need to build customer trust by giving them the transparency and control they demand. A customer identity management system (CIAM) identifies your customers, so you can seamlessly adapt your digital experience to their individual preferences which in turn enhances their customer experience.

3. Know what Service solutions you have to offer

The service you provide must be so seamless and hassle-free that your customers are glad they chose you. Creating a unified service experience, developing an elite team of skilled experts to Connect with your customers, and deliver a next-generation experience of self-services to gain a deeper understanding of their feedback. Customer experience and acquisition are all about powerful engagements with high confidence. Giving your customers the freedom to choose and fulfilling the investment they have made will ensure that your business has an advantage for customers to discover, engage in, and buy your product.

4. Seamless sales solutions for better customer engagement

Automating your customer-centric sales process can result in higher conversions. To get better selling experiences, you can lead your reps through quotes and contracts first, then turn these insights into action with end-to-end capabilities. This will make your sales reps more efficient and accelerate your sales. If you have a unique sales model and manage your territories by providing lucrative incentives, this will help lead to the future success of your sales staff. Real-time customer data and powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are critical elements of sales today.

5. Proven Marketing solutions that will enhance your revenues 

A hyper-personalised customer experience along with building customer trust and optimizing current marketing strategies will help your business drive more revenue. Moreover, B2B marketers should work hard on building demand and driving growth through the use of dynamic customer data, and build the foundation for their marketing teams to evaluate lead quality.

4 Key Factors to consider when improving customer experience: 

1. Know your audience

Anticipate your audience’s needs by understanding them. When all of your data sources across the enterprise are integrated, you can gain insights that will help you best serve your customers.

2. Engage your customers

Provide a personalized experience for your customers. Our CRM Solutions allow you to deliver the right message at the right time, resulting in increased customer engagement and action.

3. Under-promise and over-deliver 

The service you provide should be dependable, whether it involves a quick shopping experience, orders available for pickup, or on-time service. Customer satisfaction depends on fulfilling your brand promise and delivery. SAP Customer Experience and CRM Solutions enables you to provide your customers with a highly personalized experience. Do not restrict them from freely exploring and interacting – but let them choose you.

Discover how a robust portfolio of solutions can improve Customer Experiences across industries to build a resilient and connected business. 

4. For Consumer Products

Provide personalized experiences for your consumers across a variety of platforms, such as modern retail, independent stores, distributors, and direct-to-consumer sales.

Today’s customers are digitally empowered and in control. Regardless of how they choose to interact, they expect to engage a brand or company on their terms, using different channels or platforms, and to get contextually relevant and consistent information. It is, therefore, more important than ever to provide a highly consistent and individualized brand experience to engage and delight your customers across every point of interaction.

With SAP CRM you can engage with your customers effectively at the customer’s choice of channel, device, or touchpoint. Lineris Solutions offer enhanced customer experience solutions with the SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application. Our consultants offer you a comprehensive marketing solution to plan, manage, and execute all of your marketing activities – across multiple customer touch points. Get in touch today!