As maintenance costs rise, new requirements and processes emerge along with a growing amount of data, this makes it more challenging to effectively manage SAP so that it drives your business, rather than slows it down. We at Lineris Solutions understand the importance of scalability and flexibility as we have worked extensively with enterprises that operate across multiple countries and regions. Our next-generation managed services are built around a unique process and delivery framework. We have our smart, reliable, and secure process that is specifically designed to help you modernize your systems architecture.

With SAP ECC mainstream support ending in 2027, and all SAP products optimized or optimized for SAP HANA, the time has come to transform your SAP platform into an agile, flexible one that will simplify operations, increase efficiencies, and drive organizational success for many years to come.

By connecting your organization, its activities, and the infrastructure it runs on, we help your organization achieve its goals. With our team of dedicated SAP experts and innovative methodologies, we can run these SAP software solutions workloads on public clouds efficiently, adding value to your enterprise and global operations in the process. The Lineris Solutions team provides IT and governance consulting during each phase of your SAP transition, enabling you to get the most benefit from this digital transformation. We help your business scale up and empower your enterprise for global opportunities and beyond.

4 Ways SAP Empowers an Organization:

1. A SAP assessment provides insight into your current infrastructure

Before setting off on any journey, preparation is necessary. Lineris Solutions, Our Managed Service Provider is, quite simply, different from all the others. As a result of our close partnerships with some of the world’s biggest players, enterprises entrust us with visualizing their future IT roadmaps and achieving their digital goals. We begin every SAP transition project with an assessment, during which our experts gain a thorough understanding of the business and IT aspects of the current SAP system. As you embark on SAP migration, we ensure that you know exactly what you are doing. On-premises SAP estates are often outdated and under-optimized. In light of their critical nature to your business, it is essential to examine them in detail so you can identify which workloads can be moved to the cloud first and in the most efficiently. With our SAP Assessment, we will provide you with an overview of your SAP operations, ultimately building a compelling business case for moving your SAP estate into the cloud, and outlining a plan for how you can achieve a smooth SAP transition and transformation.

A roadmap for implementing SAP:

  • Know what’s going on within your organization
  • During the assessment, all the information required to plan a migration will be revealed, along with the operational and financial benefits.
  • Gain a deeper understanding
  • The implementation of a thorough and credible business case will facilitate internal buy-in from stakeholders, so they will see the urgency of moving SAP to the cloud as well.
  • Determine your organization’s priorities
  • It will also identify the workloads which should be migrated as soon as possible according to a SAP landscape architecture.

2. Your SAP estate will become more agile and flexible with SAP Cloud Optimization

You can add flexibility, agility, and cost efficiencies to your business with SAP cloud optimization. During this second stage of the SAP journey, our team will prepare your business for the digital transformation. The demands of operating globally and managing staff and clients in various locations place additional stress on your resources and your current architecture. With SAP software solutions, you can modernize and future-proof systems for tomorrow, enabling you to scale easily and on-demand. By integrating SAP with other systems and enterprise data sources, our proven approach will modernize your SAP system. You’ll be able to increase your operational efficiency and productivity by shifting testing, development, quality assurance, and production processes. Our latest architecture ensures rapid disaster recovery and secures your business from outside threats, including internal and external concerns.

  • Improve operational efficiency and productivity.
  • An Exclusive outreach to Global Markets
  • Compliance and industry-specific standards
  • Ease of scaling the business 
  • Establish priorities where you can make the most progress 
  • Know which workloads should be migrated first

3. SAP for HANA – A transition path that is efficient and effective

Transitioning to SAP HANA:

Consider why your business is less agile and how you can strategically address them.

The mainstream support for SAP ECC platform will end by 2027, so unless you wish to invest in the ongoing maintenance of a legacy system, now is the perfect time to consider upgrading. The process will also benefit your organization by assuring that the issues hampering its agility are addressed and your organization can achieve its full potential. SAP software solutions now offer a variety of large instance types for HANA that can support the largest workloads on this public cloud infrastructure. Additionally, HANA allows faster data processing, allowing businesses to leverage data more quickly. By using real-time analytics, you’ll be able to make better, more confident decisions based on solid data.

  • It is more effective to leverage data when it is used faster.
  • Quick integrations
  • The integration of data from a variety of sources is quick, efficient, and accurate.
  • Rapid product market entry
  • New models can be developed, testing can be done faster, and upgrades can be performed quite easily.
  • A real-time reporting system
  • You can access analytics in real-time for better decision-making.

4. You can generate actionable intelligence with SAP platform Analytics

Analytics for SAP platform:

Real-time data analytics offers a wealth of potential.

In the absence of real-time reporting, you can’t make informed decisions, and implementing cost optimization will be impossible since you can’t gauge how your SAP platform is performing. Monitoring and reviewing your SAP platform performances is one of the many benefits of migrating to SAP software solutions. As more information becomes available, you’ll need SAP platform migration to give your business the insights it needs to be able to make more informed decisions. In addition to providing your business with real-time reporting, the Lineris Solutions team will provide your business with a dashboard, allowing you to track how your SAP platform is performing and to optimize it for maximum efficiency.

  • Use the information you keep to make confident decisions.
  • Improved and speedy decision-making
  • Provides information for faster and better decision-making based on actionable data.
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Respond rapidly to changing market conditions through data.
  • Keep your competitive edge
  • Predictive analytics and data are crucial for retaining and gaining a competitive edge and for fostering innovation.
  • Making a lasting impact with one partner.
  • With multiple locations across the globe, Lineris Solutions offers a scalable enterprise solution. 

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) eliminates complexity and lets your IT team focus on other core business processes, enabling three major business advantages: predictability, flexibility and productivity. These three benefits can reduce costs, increase agility, and improve accountability across the enterprise. Managed IT infrastructure solutions from Lineris Solutions help enterprises manage complexity and risk in their IT environments through seamless management, deployment and maintenance of SAP platforms on a global scale and in the public cloud. The solutions we offer are supported by our global infrastructure, including industry-leading, tier-1 public and private networks that have a global reach and our data centers. We offer our clients a broad range of professional services in the form of consulting, architecture, and support for achieving the resiliency and security they need to succeed. In addition, we are Microsoft ExpressRoute partners. Our solutions help make enterprises compliant with SAP software levels while defining their global IT strategy by solving complex IT challenges making sure they remain compliant with SAP software levels.

Lineris Solutions should be your strategic partner of choice if your organization depends on IT to make a positive difference to your bottom line and the customers you serve. We are one of companies globally appointed by SAP to hold unique Advanced Specialization. Get in touch by clicking here.